Good Made Better: How the UF500 Automated System Revolutionizes Secondary Fiber Reinforcement


Secondary reinforcing fibers can be a double-edged sword. They can control cracks and generally improve performance, but they can be time consuming, difficult, and even hazardous to add to the mix. Manually adding bags of fiber to the trucks slows batching, it is difficult to track, and exposes workers to risk of injury from carrying heavy bags up ladders. In addition to being the superior fiber, UltraFiber 500 offers a solution to these issues with the superior dispenser.
The UltraFiber 500 Automated Dispenser is the only truly automated dispenser for fiber on the market. Other fiber products are compatible with one form or another of dispenser, but none of these are truly automated. They still require significant labor to load and measure fiber without the kind of control or accuracy a batch manager demands. UltraFiber's unique microfiber "chicklet" design allows measured amounts to be easily and accurately conveyed from a hopper via flexible auger, directly into the mix during batching. Basically, once it is loaded with fiber, the dispenser handles everything, batch after batch. The UltraFiber 500 Automated Dispenser will even print batch tickets to confirm The Ready Mix producer will see several distinct benefits to this system over others (or no system at all).
First and foremost are enhanced speed and efficiency. The high-volume discharge rate of15 lbs. per minute means fiber can be added faster than alternative methods, while the 1000 pound hopper capacity means hundreds of yards of concrete (333 to 1000 yards based on standard 1 - 3 lb. per yard rates) can be treated before replenishment. When it does come time to reload the dispenser, spouted 500 lb. super sacks mean it will only take a matter of minutes to get back in business.
Almost as importantly, this system ensures unparalleled levels of accuracy and control. The UltraFiber dispenser links directly into most integrated control systems, including Command Alkon systems. This way, the batch manager can load precise amounts of fiber without needing to leave his station. Furthermore, a discharge point camera and batch ticket confirmation will guarantee every load has fiber in it. Not only will every truck have fiber, every truck will have the right amount of fiber.
Safety is another key aspect to consider. Accidents remove workers from the jobsite, reducing productivity. Accidents also slow, or stop, work and drive up medical and labor costs. By fully automating the dosing process, direct human involvement is limited to reloading the hopper. The hopper's high capacity and the user-friendly design of the super sacks minimizes the amount of labor necessary to reload the hopper, keeping workers safe.
Installation of the dispenser is almost as easy as operation. All that is required as a 110 volt electrical connection, compressed air, a 12' x 12' space and connection to the control panel. And, so long as the system is less than 100 feet from the discharge point and the auger is not required to exceed a 60 degree angle, the dispenser can be placed almost anywhere in relation to the batch plant.
More so than any other system, and especially more than not having a system, the UltraFiber 500 Automated Dispenser makes adding fiber faster, safer, and more efficient. It saves time and money while providing exceptional accuracy and flexibility. Speak to your Solomon Colors representative for more details or to explore your fiber options.


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