Lythic Protector

Product ID: LY-4

Size: One and Five gallon
Product Details

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Lythic Protector is a colloidal silica-based breathable penetrating concrete sealer that protects concrete floors and enhances the appearance of decorative concrete finishes. It is a unique product that improves surface hardness through colloidal silica reaction, and is formulated to promote water repellence.

 Lythic Protector is used as the final step of concrete polishing process.  It protects against staining and etching agents, and minimizes abrasive wear to the finish.  Its colloidal silica content extends the hardening caused by Lythic Densifier during polishing stages.  It contains ingredients to confer water repellence on the surface.

 Lythic Protector enhances concrete appearance in both color and texture.  Though clear and non-yellowing, it deepens color and saturation.  On a polished surface, it can be burnished to a high gloss, and periodically re-burnished to refresh appearance.  Despite this, it improves slip resistance for a safer floor.

LY-4 Lythic Protector

LY-4001 Lythic Protector - 1 Gallon

LY-4005 Lythic Protector - 5 Gallon

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Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

  • Provides resistance to staining and etching agents for more than 24 hours

  • Protects against acid- and oil-penetration

  • Increases slip-resistance

  • Enhances appearance and deepens color 

  •  Improves gloss

  • Non-yellowing

  •  Does not peel or delaminate

  • Can be burnished periodically to restore gloss

  • Cures for foot traffic in less than 4 hours

  •  Simplifies maintenance

  • Durable application with long renewal cycle

  • Water-based, low-VOC formula