Granular ColorSelect Pneumatic System

Product Details

The Granular Pneumatic System (a.k.a ‘GPex’) adds color directly into the truck with no mess and no water. The system offers all of the benefits of the traditional liquid ColorSelect system with no water involved. There is no freezing and minimal impact on mix design. Using a high-volume, low-pressure vaccuum, granular pigment is quickly, quietly, and accurately dosed dust free. The Granular Pneumatic ColorSelect System represents the pinnacle of pigment dispensing technology.

  • Batch color for 10 cu in 5 min.
  • System accuracy +/-0.5 lb.
  • Electrical: 480 V, 3-phase 30 Amp
  • Air: 10 CFM at 80 PSI
  • Water: None
  • Base: 18’ x 5’
  • Clearance required: 16’