Granular ColorSelect System

Product Details

The Granular ColorSelect System (a.k.a. ‘GRex’) is the efficient color dispensing option for high volume plants. This high-speed, high-volume, conveyor-based system has a small footprint and can be placed remotely. Quickly and cleanly dispense granular pigment without slowing down the main batch plant. There is no mess, no dust, and no delay in operations with the Granular ColorSelect System.


  • Dispense in 1-2 min. per batch
  • Unlimited batch size
  • System accuracy +/-0.2 lb.


  • Electrical: 480 V 3-Phase 30 Amp
  • Air: 5 cu ft./min at 80 PSI
  • Water: None


  • 35’10” long;
  • 15.5’ and 9.5’ tall
  • 5’ wide