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The ColorSelect™ Pro system can be configured for applications demanding CP accuracy but larger batch capacity.  By increasing the volume of the weigh vessel and maintaining the accuracy on the scale, Solomon Colors can achieve dosage volumes targeted for pre-cast products.  Combined with ColorFlo™ liquid pigments and the Solomon Colors commitment to service, the ColorSelect™ Pro system gives you the confidence to produce innovative concrete products for your market.


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  • State of the art technology –  latest in PC-based automation control

  • Convenient and accurate batch control – repeatable accuracy to +/- 0.05 lb (0.02 kgs)

  •  Inventory ease and consolidation – stock only four or five primary ColorFlo™ pigments

  •  Color On-Demand - coupled with Solomon Colors customer focused lab services, you have the ability to produce an unlimited range of colored products

  • Time efficiency – system speed keeps up with any plant operation

  • Quality Control – Repeat-able operation and permanent database records of every batch

  • Cleaner operation – No direct handling of dry pigment, no batching dust or messy color sheds

Service & Support

Service & Support

Equipment Service & Support


Solomon Colors has a full service team of technicians and engineers available for your needs.  Our goal is to keep your color dispensing equipment operational and provide training and support for your personnel.  Our team operates throughout North America and through authorized partners in other countries.  Our equipment can be found operating in all 50 states and over 20 countries worldwide.


Solomon Colors operates an Equipment Support Hotline (+1 866-985-8324) answered live by qualified technicians during normal business hours Central Standard Time.  A paging system puts you in touch with our technicians for after hour issues - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Preventative Maintenance Program


Solomon Colors offers an optional Preventive Maintenance Program for our equipment customers with regular visits and check-ups from qualified technicians.  It operates as a standard warranty on many of the components of our system against premature failure, as well.  Our technicians perform a standard checklist of maintenance items on six month intervals.


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Equipment Hotline


+1 866-985-8324


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