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908 Carbon Black

For the blackest black, use 908 Carbon Black dry and liquid ColorFlo® pigment. 908 Carbon Black is 4 times stronger than 920 Black for a truly “super black” concrete. 908 Carbon Black is a specialty pigment, ideal for a number of applications. It excels at creating shine-free, “black-out” concrete in interior applications, making it a popular choice for restaurant and theater floors.

908 Carbon Black is a natural complement to polished concrete. 908 Carbon Black is used in a number of exterior applications as well. Gas stations and similar facilities use Carbon Black to hide unsightly oil stains and dirt. It is also used in conjunction with black Color Hardener

Due to the small particle size, 908 Carbon Black has a tendency to weather out over time, especially in outdoor placements. This is a desirable trait in some applications, creating a look of aged concrete, avoiding a stark white appearance until the concrete can naturally age. A vigorous maintenance program using Brickform sealers can slow or prevent this weathering and retain the strong black color.
Carbon Black Powder

908 Carbon Black Packaging

CF 908 Carbon Black liquid color:
  • 3000 lb. totes
  • Case of 4 one-gallon bottles
  • Single one-gallon bottles

908 Carbon Black dry integral color:
  • 25 lb. repulpable bags

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