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Solomon Colors Corporate Video

Solomon Colors is a family owned manufacturer of concrete pigments, dispensing systems, mortar colors, and complete decorative concrete products. As the largest independent supplier of architectural concrete systems, Solomon Colors provides the best products, support, and service.

Since 1927 Solomon Colors has met customer needs and exceeded expectations. Through innovation and acquisition, we’ve become the industry’s leading choice for pigments and decorative concrete materials.

Solomon Colors’ employees are our biggest asset. With an average tenure of over a decade, our staff has the experience and skill to serve you best. As a 51% employee-owned company, every hand that touches your order is personally invested in getting it right.

Innovation is key to the Solomon Colors story. Whether developing completely new products or improving on existing concepts, Solomon Colors is always pushing the envelope. Exhaustive research and development paired with extensive field testing goes into every product that comes out of Solomon Colors.

With production facilities in Springfield, Illinois and Rialto, California, Solomon Colors has the proximity and capacity to fill your orders in a timely manner. Solomon Colors ships many of our most popular products from warehouses throughout the country for rapid delivery. Even when serving the international market, we are committed to making sure you receive the quantity and quality of product exactly when you need it.

This video highlights the extent of Solomon Colors’ product and service offerings for the concrete industry. As an innovation leader in decorative concrete, colored concrete, manufactured concrete products, polished concrete, and reinforcing fibers for concrete, Solomon Colors has the products to meet your needs.