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Iron Oxide Pigments

Iron oxide pigments produce vibrant, durable colors in concrete and other cementitious materials. Iron oxide pigments are tested and certified by the American Society for the Testing of Materials to be light-fast, insoluble, and alkali resistant (ASTM C-979). This means iron oxide pigments will not deteriorate over time and will be readily visible in the concrete. Due to their small size, ten times smaller than cement particles, iron oxide pigments disperse in the mix, embed in the cement matrix, and give the appearance of uniform coloration.

Iron oxide pigments will not affect the strength or workability of concrete when used in standard doses. They offer a host of benefits to the concrete contractor, architect, ready mix concrete producer, and manufactured concrete product producer. Iron oxide pigments can drastically improve the value of concrete. By adding color, concrete is more attractive and provides color-related properties such as solar reflectiveness.

Solomon Colors uses only the highest quality synthetic iron oxide to blend dry, liquid, and granular pigment for concrete and mortar colors. Solomon Colors is proud to blend and process all dry, liquid, and granular pigments in Springfield, IL and Rialto, CA.

Solomon Colors provides industry leading iron oxide pigments, automated dispensers, and customer service to the ready mix concrete producer, architectural precast concrete producer, or block and paver manufacturer.
Black Iron Oxide Pigment for Concrete
Yellow Iron Oxide Pigmentfor Concrete
Red Iron Oxide Pigmentfor Concrete

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