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Concrete Pigment Loadings

Yellow Liquid Pigment Blending

Dry 1-25 lb. bag per 4 yards/6.25 lbs. or Liquid 1% loading
Produces soft colors, performs best when stamping with one (or more) darker Color Release. Accent this loading with Color Hardeners or stains to produce, natural, multiple colors. If a broom finish is desired, keep concrete at a 4” slump, and use a damp — but not wet — broom.

Dry 1-25 lb. bag per 2 yards/12.5 lbs. or Liquid 2% loading
Warmer colors that work well when stamping with Color Release. Use Liquid Release as an alternative when stains or Color Hardener are used to achieve interesting marbling. Interior troweled surfaces reflect color for a brilliant appearance. When brooming, maintain consistency and use good concrete practices.

DRY 18.75 lbs. per yard or Liquid 3% loading
Strong colors that can stand on their own when a singe color is used for broom finish or other exterior textures. Works well stamped with your choice of Color Release or Liquid Release. Accenting can be done with Color Hardener or stains. Interior troweled surfaces have a rich color and make an inviting finish for large projects.

Dry 1-25 lb. bag per yard/25 lbs. or Liquid 4% loading
Bold colors that make a statement; recommended when broom finishing or with other exterior textures. Stamp concrete with either Liquid Release or Color Release of a darker shade to make the most impact. Great for troweled interior finishes where a strong, single color is used for great depth of color. Burnished, power-troweled finish makes for interesting marbling without adding a second color.