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ColorSelect® Granular-to-Slurry System

G.T.S. System

Granular-to-Slurry System

The ColorSelect Granular-to-Slurry (GTS) System is an economical solution for granular pigment use in ready-mix concrete applications. Retain all the advantages of ColorFlo SG Granular pigment with a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient batching system. The GTS uses water to form a slurry with the granules for ease of pumping over 100 feet to the ready-mix truck.

Pumping a slurry creates a great deal of flexibility for integration into plant configurations. The weight addition system allows for a high degree of dosage accuracy while still maintaining a batching cycle time that will keep up with ready-mix operations. Finely controlled valving adjusts flow rates to dial in dosage accuracy on each color for each load. The GTS is computer controlled and includes an efficient user interface with database-driven records of every color and every batch.

ColorFlo SG Granular pigment, delivered in bulk Buffalo Bags with over 2000 lbs of product, is tested to work in low- and high-slump ready-mix concrete conditions. The GTS is built into a shipping container and includes interior lighting, heating, and an exhaust fan for a weather-resistant system. Produced using an advanced process, ColorFlo SG Granular pigment is unlike any other on the market. This innovative method creates a pigment with easy flowability, tighter particle size tolerances, reduced dust formation, and color development that meets or exceeds that of any competing granular pigment in both wet and dry slump conditions. Solomon Colors granulates every ounce of ColorFlo SG Granular pigment in our Springfield, IL facility.

When working with Solomon Colors, you can count on complete support. Solomon Equipment Techs are readily available to install, service, and repair your ColorSelect system. Every order is backed up by Solomon Colors’ decades of innovation, stringent quality control, and exceptional customer service. Choose the GTS for efficient dosage of ColorFlo SG Granular pigment for value-added colored concrete.

  • Base: 10’ x 8’
  • Clearance: 19’
  • Refill lift height: 10’

  • Electrical: 110 V, 30 Amp
  • Dry, non-oiled air: 100-120 PSI, min. 30 CFM
  • Water: 40-50 PSI, 25 GPM. Supply protected from freezing.
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