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QuickColor® Liquid System

QuickColor® ColorFlo® systems make ready mix color possible in a distributor model. Thousands of colors can be created in ColorFlo liquid pigment from only a few primary colors, all while drastically reducing color inventory.

The QuickColor touch-screen interface is the easiest way to batch color. Simply select the color and input the amount of concrete to be colored. The system handles the rest as it calculates the appropriate loading and batches the correct amount of pigment into buckets.

Solomon Advantage
All QuickColor systems are designed and built by Solomon Colors in the United States. Designated Solomon Colors service technicians are available nationwide for troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and repair to keep your plant up and running. Call (866)985-8324 for a qualified technician during normal business hours and an after hours paging system.

QuickColor ColorFlo systems are the epitome of flexible design. Each system is relatively self-contained, requiring standard electrical, compressed air, and water hookups. Small footprints and easy access make placement and refills simple, even in cramped quarters. A wide variety of bucket sizes mean the QuickColor system can meet the color needs of any job.

Speed & Accuracy
QuickColor is an appropriate name for these systems. Standard buckets can be filled with ColorFlo liquid pigment in 1 or 2 minutes. The end-user can expect levels of accuracy similar to Solomon Colors ColorFlo systems when using the QuickColor systems. Solomon Colors’ signature V-Bottom stackable totes and nearly eliminate material waste and speed restocking.

QuickColor ColorFlo System
The QuickColor ColorFlo system brings Solomon ColorFlo pigment to the retail market. This system easily and efficiently dispenses ColorFlo liquid pigment into buckets to be added to the truck at the job-site. Sell pre-packaged color without carrying a large stock of bagged dry color

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 lb. per color
  • Speed: 2 GPM
  • Recommended min: 10 lbs.

  • Base: 20’ x 5’
  • Height: 10’ 8”
  • Electricity: 110 V
  • Compressed air
  • Electrician and welder at installation

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