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ColorSelect® Optional Equipment

ColorSelect® Add On Bucket Table

The Add On Bucket Table adds flexibility and convenience to the ColorSelect® system. With the Add On Bucket Table, the Ready Mix Producer can bucket liquid color for off-site use. Optional touchscreen interface and label printer further maximize efficiency.

  • Bucket option with lid and cylinder
  • Color batching controls at the stand
  • 1” standard port 3-way valve
  • Actuator with Solenoid
  • Proximity switch
  • 6” touch screen to select the color at the bucket option
  • Serial printer to print labels at the table
  • 22” x 30” stand

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ColorSelect® Transfer Pod

Take color on the go with the ColorSelect® Transfer Pod. There’s no need to climb the truck with heavy buckets or bags of dry pigment. From ground level, the ColorSelect Transfer Pod easily deposits liquid color into the truck.
  • Electronic controlled transfer system
  • 17 gallon concical-bottom holding tank with water rinse
  • Automatic pre-wet & rinse cycles
  • 3/4” NDB-20 diaphragm pump
  • Air: 60-80 PSI, 15 CFM, 1/4” quick connect
  • Electricity: 110 V
  • Water: 40 PSI continuous pressure 3/4” female hose connection

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ColorSelect® Containerized System

Get all of the benefits of the standard ColorSelect® Liquid System in a conveniently packaged setup. With the ColorSelect Containerized System, all of the totes, controls, pumps, weigh chamber, and add-ons are securely housed inside a lockable and insulated container. Each system comes preassembled inside a standard 8’ x 20’ Class A shipping container and comes standard with a discharge pump and ground refill system. Protect your color system from the elements with the ColorSelect Containerized System.
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ColorSelect® Weigh Chamber

The weigh chamber is as central to the ColorSelect® System as the V-Bottom Totes and PC control. This is the component that meters and ultimately doses liquid color. Solomon Colors ColorSelect Systems can be installed with a variety of weigh chambers designed for any application – including ready mix, concrete products and block plants, and precast applications.
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ColorSelect® UltraAccurate System

For greater accuracy at lower volumes, choose the ColorSelect® UltraAccurate System. Specially selected pumps and hoses, a small color capacity, and more accurate scales help the UltraAccurate System achieve a dosing accuracy of +/- 0.015 pounds of pigment. This system is ideal for applications with multiple, small batches, multi-colored products, or plants that make extensive use of white cement.
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