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Solomon ColorSelect Pro Liquid Dispensing System

With just four basic colors and the Solomon Colors ColorSelect® Pro Liquid System, you can create any color at your ready-mix plant. This improves earning potential at ready mix plants and increases sales. The Solomon Colors ColorSelect® Pro Liquid System helps producers save more compared to competitors’ dispensers. With hundreds of colors at your fingertips, the ColorSelect Pro System gives you access to Solomon Colors’ entire catalog, competitor matches, and custom blends. Color is consistent yard to yard and between batches thanks to the high degree of accuracy with these systems.

The PC control interface is key to the ColorSelect Pro system’s value. Batch managers just select the desired color by name or number. Enter the number of yards of concrete, sacks per yard, and other information like job ticket number. Press the load button and the ColorSelect Pro system will tell you the progress of each pigments’ loading. When ready, select dump to discharge the color and wash out the weigh chamber – all within 45 seconds or so. Job stacking, job databases, and job tickets improve efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of use.