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ColorSelect® Pro Liquid System

When the increased use of color in concrete products created a demand for better technology and quality control in the concrete industry, Solomon Colors responded by developing the exclusive ColorSelect® Pro Liquid System. It’s more user-friendly, more operationally efficient, and even more flexible.

You still have all the benefits of our ColorSelect technology, from the fully integrated and automated system to the state-of-the-art computer controls and motor drives that ensure affordable accuracy and performance. Now you can track all your color production with our database function — easily store and retrieve information from the database for every batch of color produced. You can customize reports from the data, and even recall individual tickets for an entire year of production.

We have expanded the drop-down lists to include additional colors. Now operators can select job information from a “Job Stack,” eliminating errors from re-entering the information. Jobs in the stack can be entered in advance of when they will be run, freeing up the operator’s time. The jobs can also be entered from a central dispatch or remote location.

Once installed and properly programmed on-site by Solomon Colors expert technicians, your plant operator will be able to input data into the computer using familiar concrete industry terminology.

With our exclusive dispensing system, you have flexibility to change colors from batch to batch, or vary the batch size if needed. It automatically calculates the amount of color for each batch.

  • Manual or automatic fill and dump cycles
  • 4 (or 5) APEX hose pumps
  • 4 (or 5) conical-bottom stationary supply totes, 400-gal. capacity each
  • Remote PC-based interface with emergency stop
  • Air wand recycle system
  • 60 lb Batch capacity
Electrical Requirements
  • Main power: 230 V or 460 V, 3-phase
  • Control circuits: 110 V Communication
  • Ethernet
Plumbing Requirements
  • Pump suction: 1.5” suction hose
  • Pigment Lines: 3/4” nylon tube
  • Gravity Discharge: 1” rubber hose
  • Optional pump
Air Requirements
  • 80-100 PSI, 5 CFM, 3/8” FPT
Water Requirements
  • 40-50 PSI continuous pressure, 3/4” FPT
  • Main panel: 8” x 24” x 36”
  • 3.5 gal weigh chamber: 22” x 20” x 43”
  • SPX25 hose pump assembly: 20” x 28” x 16”
  • Conical bottom pigment supply totes: 48” x 48” x 85”
  • Delivery tote: 48” x 48” x 67”

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