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The Color Chronicles

Blogging the events, training, product news and more for Solomon Colors, Inc.

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Calculating yards of integral color for concrete

Calculating Yards of Concrete for Color

Calculating yards of concrete is a simple but important part of decorative concrete projects.

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Concrete care in the winter

Decorative Concrete Care in Winter

Decorative concrete care in winter is simple but vital. Cold weather and deicing chemicals are a significant threat to concrete. Follow these guidelines to keep your concrete in good condition.

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Grey Decorative Concrete

Designing for Grey Stamped Concrete

Grey stamped concrete is a popular choice for residential and commercial decorative concrete. There are many interesting and creative design options.

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BIMObject 3d Models

BIMObject 3d Architectural Models

BIMobject and Revit users, we now have 13 new textures on top of the dozens of updated and enhanced existing colors and textures

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Decorative Concrete Sealer

How to Apply Concrete Sealer

Apply concrete sealer to protect and enhance decorative concrete. But be careful because mistakes can be costly and inconvenient.

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Concrete instead of high cost of lumber

Wood Stamped Concrete Alternative To High Lumber Prices

When lumber prices are high, wood stamped concrete is a great alternative. It's more durable, requires less upkeep, and is sometimes cheaper to install.

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Concrete Stain

Stained Concrete: Pros and Cons

Stains a great way to add color to existing concrete. There are many different stained concrete pros and cons based on the product and application you choose.

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Penetrating Sealers

Best Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Decorative Concrete

Learn how to choose the right penetrating sealer for your project. Even the best penetrating concrete sealers are only as good as application choice and method.

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Swissmex Sprayers

Solomon Colors Offering Specialty Sprayers

Solomon Colors announces a new partnership to distribute Swissmex Sprayers for construction applications

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Decorative Concrete Pool

The Need For Cool Concrete

Use the proper colors and finishes to make cool concrete, reducing the negative effects of heat.

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Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs and Concrete Chemicals

VOCs are found in many building products. These volatile organic compounds can contribute to a wide range of environmental and health issues. Many agencies are regulating VOCs to combat these effects. These changes are having a significant impact on the construction industry.

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Decorative Concrete for the Home

Types of Stamped Concrete for the Home

There are many types of stamped concrete suitable for residential and light commercial applications. The only limit is imagination.

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Concrete Stencil

Product Training Seminar

Join us for an educational product demonstration at our new facility serving the Texas market. This demonstration will include proper use and application of Integral Colors, Color Hardener, Liquid Release, Antique-It, DAY1 Finishing Aid, Surface Deactivator, Concrete Dimensions Stencils, and UltraFiber 500.

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Stampable Overlay

Getting Stamped Concrete Over Existing Concrete

Stamped concrete over existing concrete is possible with specialized overlays. Indoor and out, upgrade concrete with stampable overlays.

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Decorative Concrete Porch

Decorative Concrete Patio Ideas

Concrete Patios: Ideas for decorative concrete spaces

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Decorative Concrete Patio

Concrete Finishes for Patios

Concrete finishes for patios are diverse and varried. With numerous colors and finishes, the limit is your imagination.

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Colored Block

Make a Better Looking CMU Wall

A CMU Wall doesn't have to be plain or boring. Color and texture can be used to make a CMU wall into a valuable architectural component.

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Concrete Stamped Steps

Next Level Stamped Concrete Steps

Stamped concrete steps are a simple and effective way to upgrade any project.

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Brickform Artesian Stain

Stained Concrete Pros and Cons

No coloring product is perfect. Read more to learn stained concrete pros and cons using Brickform stains.

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Concrete Counter

Concrete Counter-top Ideas

Concrete counter-top ideas are only limited by your imaginations. Read more for colored and textured concrete counter-tops.

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Concrete Stamps

How to get stamped concrete over existing concrete

Stamped concrete over existing concrete requires special tools and materials to get it right.

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Illinois Stories

Illinois Stories - Solomon Colors on PBS

Solomon Colors feature on PBS. Illinois Stories hosted by Mark McDonald.

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New Stencil Designs

Concrete Dimensions - New Designs

Concrete Dimensions introduces new designs to its catalog.

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Stamped Concrete

Many Ways For Finishing of Concrete

Your choices for finishing of concrete have never been greater. Dozens of decorative and durable options exist!

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UltraFiber 500 Pellets

UltraFiber 500 FAQ

Answering questions about the use and importance of UltraFiber 500 in concrete.

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Artesian Stain

Concrete Staining: Colors and Designs

Concrete staining colors and designs for a wide variety of concrete finishes.

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Masonry Brick Color

The Use and Benefits of Mortar Color

Mortar color is an under-appreciated tool for improving masonry walls. Why neglect the 20% of the surface that mortar makes up?

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Paper Stencil

Stenciled Concrete is Economical and Beautiful

Stenciled concrete has many design options and plenty of advantages over other finishes.

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Tinta' Seal

How to use Tinted Sealer to Correct Color

Tinted sealer is a common tool for correcting and adding color to architectural concrete. Using just the sealer, you can correct colored concrete that has gone wrong or add new color to a slab.

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UltraFiber 500 absorption tests

Why Hydrophilic Fiber Matters - The Hydration Benefits of UltraFiber 500

UltraFiber 500 is incredibly hydrophilic by nature, meaning is readily attracts and absorbs water. This is in stark contrast to synthetic fibers - such as polypropylene fibers and glass fibers - which are almost universally hydrophobic, repelling water.

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Concrete Restoration

Repairing A Concrete Driveway with Decorative Overlays

Repairing a concrete driveway is a great opportunity for decorative concrete overlays and microtoppings.

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Concrete Sealer

Tips for Sealing Stamped Concrete

Sealing stamped concrete is a necessary step for attractive and durable concrete. Quality sealer makes quality stamped concrete.

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Water Based Stain

Options of Concrete Staining Colors

Concrete staining colors for a variety of applications including stamped concrete, smooth concrete, hardscapes and flatwork.

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Concrete Spray Texture

Opportunities with Concrete Spray Texture

Concrete spray texture is a great option for economical and minimally invasive upgrades and decorative concrete restoration.

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Stamped Concrete Steps

The Many Types of Stamped Concrete

Different types of stamped concrete help make stamped concrete a highly versatile and flexible design choice.

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Concrete Step Liner

How To Design Stamped Concrete Steps

Work stamped concrete steps into your design for an extra premium appeal.

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Stamped Concrete Patio

Why Is Stamped Colored Concrete So Popular?

Stamped colored concrete is a beautiful and durable option for many applications.

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

How to Stamp Concrete With Unique and Natural Colors

Realistic coloration makes stamped concrete a true luxury product. Learn how to stamp concrete using natural colors for a premium appeal.

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Stamped Concrete

How to Choose Concrete Finish Options

Determining how to choose concrete finish options can be tricky. Use this guide to help decide between broom finish concrete, salt finish concrete, and other colored concrete floors. There is a wide range of architectural and decorative concrete finishes available for residential and commercial applications.

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Tilt-Up Construction

Integral Color & DAY1 in Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-Up Construction allows architects to design practical, strong, and resilient structures. Incorporating color also makes these utilitarian structures visually pleasing. Read more to find out how Solomon Colors integral color and DAY1 Finishing Aid were used to improve an office building.

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Hotel Restoration: Cem-Coat Case Study

Brickform Cem-Coat was successfully used to repair washed out, faded integral color at the entrance to this hotel. Cem-Coat was able to closely match the desired original color and create a durable surface that can easily withstand near constant vehicle traffic.

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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Adds Value For Concrete Producers and Suppliers

Value Added is the cornerstone of a successful business. In order to make money, on a good or service, you have to be able to sell it for more than it cost you. The best way to add value is to make something more desirable. By improving a product’s utility or perceived value, the customer wants it more and is willing to either pay a premium or buy larger quantities. These changes in behavior result in more earnings for the seller and, ideally, a happier customer.

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A Dispenser For Every Occasion: The QuickColor System

The QuickColor granular system allows Ready Mix producers and decorative suppliers to sell bagged color while retaining the efficiencies gained by a ColorSelect liquid and granular system. Bagged pigment is a viable alternative for producers and distributors that do a low volume of color, but it can be a logistical hassle for higher volume businesses. You need not sacrifice the ability to offer prepackaged color, however. This is where the QuickColor granular system comes in.

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Pigment Dispenser

Solomon Colors Dispensers Are The Efficient Choice

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to Solomon Colors dispensers. Here are just a few ways a Solomon Colors ColorSelect of QuickColor system helps you gain efficiency in your colored concrete options.

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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a Blast from the Past.

The advent of retarding agents make exposed aggregate a more attractive design option. In the past, exposed aggregate finishes were achieved by broadcasting stone over wet concrete and pressing it in or by removing (mechanically or with acid) the surface of cured concrete. These were labor intensive and/or yielded inconsistent results. Chemical retarders eliminated these concerns. They prevented the cement reaction at the top of the slab and making it easier to remove the paste. This process was further simplified by retarders with set depths, such as Surface Deactivator.

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Gray Concrete

Why Gray Matters? The Reason for Gray Pigment and Hardeners

Concrete is naturally gray. Why do so many companies offer gray integral color or gray decorative hardeners? This simple question has a simple answer... though it may not be the one you'd expect.

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Color Matching

Color Matching Concrete Part 1: Can I Match Integral Color?

Is it possible to color matching integral color? What factors are at play? What methods are most reliable for matching color? All of these are valid questions when repairing and expanding projects. Read more for details. More parts to come.

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Color Samples

Color Matching Concrete Part 2: Why Doesn't My Color Match?

Despite best efforts, concrete color will not always match. Knowing the cause makes correction easier and more cost effective. Read more for a few common reasons color does not match. Stay on the lookout for the final part.

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Color Matching Concrete Part 3: Fixing Mismatched Colored Concrete

Fixing mismatched color is easier than one would expect. A number of techniques and products exist to correct almost any color related error. Read more for just a few of these time, effort, and money saving options.

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Stamped Concrete

6 Steps When You're Considering Stamped Concrete

Choosing the right texture and color for your stamped concrete patio, driveway, or pool can be a daunting task. Follow these six simple steps and you will be on the way to a satisfying result.

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Decorative Stamped Concrete

7 Reasons Contractors Should Do Decorative Concrete

"Decorative concrete seems like too much work! Why should I do it?" This is something we hear from contractors all the time. Often, when a contractor is scheduling regular flatwork jobs left and right, he doesn’t see the value in doing more. If you’re willing to take the time to do it right, decorative concrete can grow your business. Read more to see the 7 reasons it might be a smart decision to move into decorative concrete.

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Polished Floor

Polished Concrete Summary

Polished concrete is leading the way when it comes to architecturally specified floor finishes. The many unique features of polished concrete floors are attracting more than just architects and designers. Home owners have placed polished concrete as one of the most desirable and must have flooring surfaces.

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Polished Concrete

More Than Just Looks: 7 Reasons Beyond Appearance to Use Decorative Concrete

We often spend time talking about how good decorative concrete looks. It is an aesthetically driven product. Yet, to focus on appearance alone sells decorative concrete short. Here are a few more reasons decorative concrete might be the right choice:

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Mortar Color

The Big Deal Behind Mortar Color

What's the big deal behind mortar color. It seems like such a small detail to be so concerned about. Click more to find out why you should really consider the color of your mortar.

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Colored Concrete

Colorful Infrastructure: How Colored Concrete Can Make Your City Look Better

Typically, when people think colored concrete, a couple things come to mind. First, they think of residential pool decks, patios, and more. Second, most people will be reminded of large commercial projects such as majestic office buildings and fun theme parks. But those are hardly the limits of colored concrete. Infrastructure, industrial structures, and other less ”glamorous” projects can make excellent use of colored concrete. Color can add different properties and performances to the concrete.

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Commercial Floors

The Color of Money: Commercial Floors and Color

Creating and designing retail spaces is a difficult task. Build cost, maintenance cost, durability, and visual design must all be weighed to maximize the utility and effectiveness of the space. The type of merchandise, expected traffic levels, and desired image must all be carefully considered. Concrete is a natural choice for retail spaces – especially big box stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, and value oriented retailers. Concrete is durable and cost effective. In the pursuit of these two qualities, designers may neglect appearance… generally to their misfortune.

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Color Hardener

The Eternal Debate: Color Hardener vs Integral Color

Color Hardener and Integral Color are two distinct options for achieving the same goal - coloring concrete. Each presents a specific set of pros and cons that will help inform your decision. Read on to find which is best for your application.

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