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Architectural Resources

Decorative Finished concrete

Architects can specify Solomon Colors and Brickform® products with confidence that the products will preform to your expectations. Brickform also is backed by the largest distribution network in the industry, meaning the products you specify will be readily available across North America. You can download Solomon Colors and Brickform Specifications for many of our decorative systems, as well as Autodesk Revit files of the Brickform Standard Color Selection Guide and the most popular stamp pattern textures.

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Concrete Systems

Solomon Colors recognizes the value of a complete system for decorative concrete finishes. Systems are composed of a range of complimentary products, tools, and materials that work together for a quality end result. In the menu to the left, select the system in which you are interested to see the Solomon Colors products involved in completing that type of project. These systems make up some of the most common residential concrete, commercial concrete, and industrial concrete installations. Each of these systems is carefully curated to ensure maximum ease of use and the best final product possible.

How Concrete Systems Benefit Contractors

Time is money for the concrete contractor. Saving time and reducing mental energy when selecting materials is the biggest advantage a contractor has when it comes to sticking to a system. If a concrete contractor can count on one manufacturer to supply as many of the materials as possible, they can focus on other things that are important to the project.

Contractors also benefit by knowing all the products will work well together. By choosing from a system, the contractor can be comfortable the products will not have adverse interactions and potentially lead to a project failure.

How Concrete Systems Benefit Dealers

Systems are a value-add for dealers and construction supply resellers. By carrying and offering full systems, dealers can maintain a greater share of their customers’ business. Offering complete solutions, in the form of these systems, makes a dealer more competitive. Customers are less likely to go to other dealers to complete their purchase.

These systems also make inventory and ordering easier. By using a single manufacturer for a system, dealers can reduce the number of vendors needed to maintain a full catalog. This means fewer orders to place, fewer invoices to manage, and more favorable shipping arrangements.

How Concrete Systems Benefit Architects

Specifying a project takes a lot of time and effort. Premade systems makes the architects’ job easier. Designers and architects can count on these product sets to work together and yield the desired results. Because these product combinations are the same ones applicators are accustomed to dealing with, architects can feel confident the contractor will follow their specifications if a system is followed.

A Recipe For Beautiful Concrete

Decorative concrete projects can be complicated. Job-sites are hectic places. A contractors’ life is a busy one. Save time, mental energy, and ensure best results by using one of these curated decorative concrete systems. Follow the system like a “recipe for success” and never miss a step on the way to the best decorative concrete on the block.